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When using any of DJS3RL.com's features and or functions you agree to all of the listed rules and agreements. If you do not agree to any one of listed Rules and or agreements, do not use any services or funtions provided by DJS3RL.com or any affiliate sites.

You MUST agree to the Rules and Documentation below to use and or access ANY feature of DJS3RL.com or any affiliate sites.

1. Terms & Conditions
2. Privacy Policy
3. Return Policy
4. Forum Rules

Please read the Agreements above very carefully, it contains knowledge you will need when using anything related to DJS3RL.com!

Please keep in mind that these agreements, can and or will change in the future. We will do our best to keep you informed when changes are made. Please check the effective date listed on the given documentation!

For any help or information about this documentation please email: [email protected]