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Track Number Song Title Artist Featuring Remixer Label More Info
67Every Single DayBenny BenassiJessKahS3RLRelentlessMore Info
66Close my EyesSmartyz-S3RLKannibalz DigitalzMore Info
65ClimaxAudien & Naggy-S3RLEmfa MusicMore Info
64Fall For YouMatt LuminateJosh SardanaS3RLEuphoric OverloadMore Info
63Loving YouStarstruck-S3RLAustralia With ForceMore Info
62Fantasy LandStarstruck & Lumin8JessKahS3RLAustralia With ForceMore Info
61One 2 tha 3S3RL--Australia With ForceMore Info
60Zorba's DanceZorba the Greek-S3RLEmfa MusicMore Info
59Rivers Flow in YouLumin8-S3RLEmfa MusicMore Info
58Never Ending StoryStarstruck & Lumin8-S3RLAustralia with ForceMore Info
57Downunder UndergroundS3RL--Emfa MusicMore Info
56Everybody SingDoda-S3RLAustralia With ForceMore Info
55Dream SurpriseHaze & Dudlee feat Rowena-S3RLRecycled RecordsMore Info
54Move With YouS3RLJessKah-ExecutiveMore Info
53Remember My PastS3RL vs Luminate & Whiskey--ExecutiveMore Info
52You Found the KeyInflux-S3RLExecutiveMore Info
51MoonlightDanny CogginS3RL-ExecutiveMore Info
50I Live for the Bass DrumS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
493 to the FloorS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
48Go WildS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
47I'll Dance With YouS3RLJessKah-ExecutiveMore Info
46Birds & BeesS3RLJ3SS-ExecutiveMore Info
45Break EmS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
44We all screamS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
43Rave ForeverS3RLTamika-RelentlessMore Info
42Raver's GrooveEufeion-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
41Baby BabyKaraoke Pirates-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
40The Hardcore SoundS3RL vs Neptune--RelentlessMore Info
39Le Rock 02Vitalic-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
38Little Kandi RaverS3RLTamika-RelentlessMore Info
37DealerS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
36It's Time to RollS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
35Freak ShowS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
34Here We GoS3RLAmy & Tamika-ExecutiveMore Info
33Artificial EnergyS3RLAmy-ExecutiveMore Info
32Come Back HomeS3RL vs Smartyz--ExecutiveMore Info
31What We DoS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
30Crank it LouderS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
29DEVIL666-S3RLExecutiveMore Info
28Come On Do ItS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
27Save YouDJ TC & Next Level-S3RLExecutiveMore Info
26Rhythm of the NightRampant-S3RLLiquid HardcoreMore Info
25Take MeS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
24You'll NeverS3RLAmy-RelentlessMore Info
23Make You MoveS3RLAmy-RelentlessMore Info
22Into OverdriveS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
21WeekendBad Habit Boys-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
20Pretty Rave GirlS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
19Techno WonderlandS3RL--Liquid HardcoreMore Info
18Feel the FlowS3RLJ3SS-ExecutiveMore Info
17SLUTS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
16Weekend Has ComeS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
15Blast the NoticeS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
14God is not a DJS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
13StayS3RLKate Lesing-ExecutiveMore Info
12AlternateRBA-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
11720 SuicideS3RL & Wovn--RelentlessMore Info
10Neon GenesisS3RL--RelentlessMore Info
9I KissTokyo Ghetto PussyJ3SSS3RLRelentlessMore Info
8ButterflySmile.DK-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
7Back In My LifeAlice Deejay-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
6Slammer JammerPerfect Phase-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
5Bad BoyCascada-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
4Raver Raver RaverEFM-7-S3RLRelentlessMore Info
3The 2nd WaveCosmic Gate-S3RLExecutiveMore Info
2Keep On Ravin BabyS3RL--ExecutiveMore Info
1TransformersS3RL--RelentlessMore Info